Egan End of Year Party

June 8th, 2024
Valley Covenant Church 3636 W 18th Ave

You are invited to the Egan Volunteer Appreciation Party hosted by St. Vincent de Paul!

This event is to honor, thank, and appreciate you if you helped Egan Warming Center this past year, or if you’re an Egan volunteer who was not able to help this past winter but wanted to, or if you completed the orientation but then never got a chance to sign up because we didn’t open many nights this winter, or if… You get the idea. If you are part of the Egan family, you know who you are, and you are welcome.

Family members and children are welcome since we appreciate the support they offer that enables you to volunteer with us! Please RSVP by May 20 to make sure we’ll have enough food (Café Yumm) for everyone. 

When: Saturday, June 8th from 5-8 pm 
Where: At Valley Covenant Church / 3636 W 18th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
Questions? Contact Melissa at (541) 228-1644

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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